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Appropriate measures are taken to protect all personal information** that the visitor to the website may disclose via direct contact with the managers of the website or through our feedback forms. Only staff members requiring personal information in compliance with our previous criteria will be granted access to any stored personal information.

*Anonymous is defined as any information collected that is used for our own purposes will not have any specific identifying markers attached to it.

**Personal information is defined as any information that can be used to specifically identify a particular. However, it is important to note that individual information accessible through the public domain such as business or personal contact information is not considered to be personal information.

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3. The screening tool is designed to help guide students of McGill in the navigation of mental health resources that are available to help them by providing general feedback to those who fill out the questionnaire.

4. Use of any feedback, information, etc. provided by the screening tool or website requires discretion on the user's behalf. Any feedback generated by the screening tool or information found on the website or through an external or non-university link cannot, under any circumstance, be used to stand in for an official diagnosis made by a mental health professional, be used to replace an appointment with a mental health professional, or be used as a treatment plan.

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